Kaleidoscope Krazy Adult Coloring Book! – NEW RELEASE!


Adult Coloring Book on Amazon!


40+ designs to relax you…or make you Krazy, so if that ship has already sailed and there’s no returning to shore then we still have the coloring book for you! Why just color when you can create your own designs to!

A unique Adult Coloring Book that allows and encourages the artist to alter the designs to suit their mood. The user can color over the lighter lines and create larger areas to change the design or focus on all the smaller areas to increase concentration. Other designs allow for connecting lines and darkening to create unique and personal designs.

Our designs offer enough complexity to engage the adult brain, but also can be simplified to suit your mood. So put on some music, pour a refreshing beverage, open the book, examine the artwork and remember that there are no rules. Think outside the box and don’t let anyone step on your groove!

Creating123 Team


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