Day: April 5, 2017

Crosshatching Technique – Drawing-Coloring Warm Up

Hello fellow artists we hope you’ll begin to feel at home here as we explore more techniques and post more content.  One of our in-house artists who chooses to remain anonymous (we think he may be in the witness protection program) has agreed to let us show a couple of his creations.


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Coloring kitties is awesome awesomeness!!

Hello all we really appreciate you visiting our website and we hope you’ll keep returning as we add new and interesting content. The photo you see is of a design in production for one of our coloring books. This is probably the fourth iteration of this kitty and we just decided to do a little test coloring using colored pencils. There are still a few things we will probably change in this design before finalizing it in our coloring book. (more…)

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