Coloring kitties is awesome awesomeness!!

Hello all we really appreciate you visiting our website and we hope you’ll keep returning as we add new and interesting content. The photo you see is of a design in production for one of our coloring books. This is probably the fourth iteration of this kitty and we just decided to do a little test coloring using colored pencils. There are still a few things we will probably change in this design before finalizing it in our coloring book.

We also used it as an opportunity to test products we have bought and coloring techniques. (We’ll make a short video on this soon) In this case Crayola coloring pencils, and you’ll see in the lower left kitty leg we shaded an area practicing not only the shading technique but also testing how this particular brand of pencils colors on top of one another.

You can see how nice and smooth they blended. We will probably go ahead and darken the shaded area right next to the black line more to give it a different effect. Also we love this part of the design process because we get to color! Keep drawing and coloring and stop back to say hello occasionally!

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