Crosshatching Technique – Drawing-Coloring Warm Up

Hello fellow artists we hope you’ll begin to feel at home here as we explore more techniques and post more content.  One of our in-house artists who chooses to remain anonymous (we think he may be in the witness protection program) has agreed to let us show a couple of his creations.

In these you can see he has used the crosshatching technique to both provide dimension to the drawing and blend colors using colored pencils. Once the basic drawing was eight he went very quickly through the drawing intentionally so that he would not get bogged down by thinking it through. As a result you’ll see many different line thicknesses and weights accomplished through altering the pressure on the pencil point. You don’t have all straight lines either, some are scribbles (his word J) and fanlike kinds of…well …more scribbles.

These are both done in a 9 x 6” sketchbook. He said he likes to use exercises such as this to both warm-up and loosen up. Will post more on loosening up exercises next week. Thank you for stopping by!


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