Use our coloring book to create your own designs!

Krazy Kaleidoscope Colored Page
Krazy Kaleidoscope Colored Page

Hello fellow artists! Thank you for stopping by. The photo is a partially colored page from our Krazy Kaleidoscopes Adult Coloring Book. We purposely made the designs flexible so you can change them by coloring big blocks of spaces or smaller spaces without heavy black lines being in your way. This artist divided the paper and in the right portion she addressed larger spaces.

And in the left portion the smaller spaces.

You can see the difference in the design. We understand that many folks who color would also like to draw so we will attempt to develop more content that allows you to practice using ink pens and adding or subtracting from designs. Even add your own lines! Some of you will probably develop your own coloring books and we hope we have helped give you the confidence to do that!