Neatness. A necessary evil?

“Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.”

Frank Zappa

Today I organize all things art. What you see is one box of art supplies, which holds gel pens a coupla’ boxes of colored pencils, drawing pencils, coloring book pages and development, pastels, watercolors and who knows what else down at the bottom. Have several sketchbooks full of drawings,  a portfolio of figure drawings, and probably three or four plastic cases full of various pens and pencils that have accumulated everywhere from hotels to salesman’s and giveaways. I throw nothing out and surprisingly some of the pens that I got for free are really nice.

After that I’ll start files. I have teaching files, financial files, help files, home-improvement files, receipt files, appliance manual files, art idea files, and cabinet just for the novel I’m writing. I think today I’ll just tackle the art files and get those into binders under different headings such as Amazon, Pinterest, a file for each individual coloring book were developing, and instructions for various other software programs that I may be using. Hopefully, getting organized will free me up to create. If I can just put my hands on things when I need them perhaps I’ll be able to be more productive. I’ve tried the old quote which I’m paraphrasing “I neat desk is the product of a sick mind.” I need some organization in my life! And it starts now!. …. Well after another cup of coffee.

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