Mosaic bowl project




Another interesting piece by a creating123 artist. Try it yourself!

This is a simple white ceramic bowl as well as patterned cups and dishes found at garage sales.

Materials: Ceramic bowl. Various dishes and cups, project glue, Dremel  grinder, grout. Liquid nails for heavy projects was used although we have also used E6000 glue as well for mosaic projects.


The base of the bowl was sanded to provide better adhesion. (optional) Then cups and dishes were wrapped in fabric and broken. The mirror was put between two pieces of cardboard and broken with a hammer. Pieces were sorted and glued to the bowl. After letting  the project to dry at least 24 hours then use a dremel grinding wheel to grind down sharp edges. Grout the project removing the grout haze from the mosaic as it dries. After the grout is set use the dremel tool to grind down any remaining sharp edges. Use the dremel polishing pad or a polishing cloth to shine all mosaic pieces on the bowl.







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