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Mosaic Mirror Projest


Mosaic Mirror Project:

Another interesting piece by a creating123 artist. Try it yourself! We hope we are inspiring you. Do it!

Materials: Vintage garage sale mirror. Cracked china and trashed pool tile. Dremel  grinder, grout. Liquid nails for heavy projects was used although we have also used E6000 glue as well for mosaic projects.



The main portion of the mirror was covered with plastic taped down with masking tape to prevent scratches from tools and tiles. The dishes were wrapped in fabric and broken. The pool tile had been chipped out so it was already broken.  Pieces we sorted, arranged and glued to the mirror.  After letting the project to dry at least 24 hours then use a dremel grinding wheel to grind down sharp edges.
Grout the project removing the grout haze from the mosaic as it dries. After the grout is set use the dremel tool to grind down any remaining sharp edges. Use the polishing pad or a polishing cloth to shine all mosaic pieces on the bowl.

*Broken china edges were especially sharp. The ones we used for the interior border had the edges ground down before they were installed and then after the grouting we again lightly sanded them if found not smooth enough, so they would not be a hazard.

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