A Splash of Inspiration!


Splash Painting
                                                Splash Painting


3 x 4 ft. canvass. Mixed Media

Pants are optional for this painting project! And you might include wine and music if it moves you. Art can free our spirit but we can also get bogged down in minutia and detail sometimes with some projects we over think things, losing the spontaneity. So step on the gas and blow out the cobwebs. Try this inspiration project.

This painting was inspired by a nice Malbec and Beethoven’s 9th.  Sometimes it’s a Pinot Grigio and the Stones. Heidi and I have a few canvasses like this that we occasionally repaint using any paint we have laying around.  This was completed with house paint and cheap acrylics maybe even some tempera  thrown in. Like I said there was wine and music so anything goes. Is it finished? It’s on the dining room wall so we guess it could be. But who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Eddie & Heidi

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