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More Misfit Earrings!

Don’t be symmetrical. Be asymmetrical…. Heidi continues to see beauty in the unique or the unusual. You judge. Cool or crazy? 

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A Splash of Inspiration!


Splash Painting
                                                Splash Painting


3 x 4 ft. canvass. Mixed Media

Pants are optional for this painting project! And you might include wine and music if it moves you. Art can free our spirit but we can also get bogged down in minutia and detail sometimes with some projects we over think things, losing the spontaneity. So step on the gas and blow out the cobwebs. Try this inspiration project. (more…)

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Asymmetrical earring project! Be unique!

Earrings Sterling Silver


Sterling Silver with Glass Beads.

Symmetry? Not necessarily. Do we have too?

These earring pairings are similar but individually different. Why not? We like different.

Heidi likes to lovingly refer to these earrings she created of sterling silver wire and glass beads as “misfit earrings”.

Try them! And please check our store for jewelry supplies. (more…)

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Just ‘figured’ you may like this. ;)

Reclining Figure


We’re going to post some  sketches we made quite awhile back as a basis for other paintings and pastel work. We attempt to find the essence of a figure. Most you’ll see were quick poses that didn’t allow time for detail. Later during model breaks the outlines were ‘fleshed out’ so to speak but not too much. Less is more we thought. whatever we were able to get down we would work with later. Its a great time to practice various shading and shadow techniques. Perhaps decide to use pencils of different hardness. Use a smudge stick to shade your figure. Use a rag. But have fun. Relax. Create! There are no rules. (more…)

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Primitive figure plaster cast project

Primitive figures

        Primitive figure castings:Shepherd Primitive Figure

These are primitive figures possibly gods. Also a shepherd with a staff we think. Ancient art photos are great resources for very interesting figures. The white one is the raw plaster before finishing. The one with the patina was first sealed with a urethane. When that had hardened a stain was applied with a brush and before setting was wiped off with a rag, leaving some in cracks and crevices which gives the figure detail and depth.

Both were created many years ago and although they have been moved many times since then have survived very well. The nicks and dings give them character! In fact we like to think the same about the artists here at Creating123.


Non-hardening reusable sculpture clay, sculpting tools of all kinds. We have complete modeling tool kits but please don’t overlook tools from common items such as nails and even sponges to

provide texture. Mold making material and a board to work on. Plaster of Paris. Shellac or polyurethane to seal the raw plaster after drying. Wood stain for the patina. A rag to wipe off stain. (more…)

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Mosaic Mirror Project at Creating123

Mosaic Mirror Projest


Mosaic Mirror Project:

Another interesting piece by a creating123 artist. Try it yourself! We hope we are inspiring you. Do it!

Materials: Vintage garage sale mirror. Cracked china and trashed pool tile. Dremel  grinder, grout. Liquid nails for heavy projects was used although we have also used E6000 glue as well for mosaic projects.



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Mosaic bowl project




Another interesting piece by a creating123 artist. Try it yourself!

This is a simple white ceramic bowl as well as patterned cups and dishes found at garage sales.

Materials: Ceramic bowl. Various dishes and cups, project glue, Dremel  grinder, grout. Liquid nails for heavy projects was used although we have also used E6000 glue as well for mosaic projects.


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“Illusions” Adult Coloring Book now on Amazon!

Where does one color begin and another end? Immerse yourself!

Adult Coloring Book Illusions                      Adult Coloring Book IllusionsAdult Coloring Book Illusions

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Pablo Picasso

Where does one color begin and another end?

An optical illusion is something that deceives the eye by appearing to be other than it is.

Its’ an experience of seeming to see something that does not exist or that is other than it appears. Illusions is 45+ Illusion designs.

We have attempted to create a coloring book that will capture you so fully that you will be unable to hold on to daily concerns. (more…)

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Inside “Krazy Kaleidoscopes” Adult Coloring Book

Krazy Kaleidoscopes…..intensely relaxing. 

A unique Adult Coloring Book that allows and encourages the artist to alter the designs to suit their mood. The user can color over the lighter lines and create larger areas to change the design or focus on all the smaller areas to increase concentration. Other designs allow for connecting lines and darkening to create unique and personal designs.

Our designs offer enough complexity to engage the adult brain, but also can be simplified to suit your mood. So put on some music, pour a refreshing beverage, open the book, examine the artwork and remember that there are no rules. Think outside the box and don’t let anyone step on your groove! (more…)

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Neatness. A necessary evil?

“Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.”

Frank Zappa

Today I organize all things art. What you see is one box of art supplies, which holds gel pens a coupla’ boxes of colored pencils, drawing pencils, coloring book pages and development, pastels, watercolors and who knows what else down at the bottom. Have several sketchbooks full of drawings,  a portfolio of figure drawings, and probably three or four plastic cases full of various pens and pencils that have accumulated everywhere from hotels to salesman’s and giveaways. I throw nothing out and surprisingly some of the pens that I got for free are really nice. (more…)

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