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Primitive figure plaster cast project

Primitive figures

        Primitive figure castings:Shepherd Primitive Figure

These are primitive figures possibly gods. Also a shepherd with a staff we think. Ancient art photos are great resources for very interesting figures. The white one is the raw plaster before finishing. The one with the patina was first sealed with a urethane. When that had hardened a stain was applied with a brush and before setting was wiped off with a rag, leaving some in cracks and crevices which gives the figure detail and depth.

Both were created many years ago and although they have been moved many times since then have survived very well. The nicks and dings give them character! In fact we like to think the same about the artists here at Creating123.


Non-hardening reusable sculpture clay, sculpting tools of all kinds. We have complete modeling tool kits but please don’t overlook tools from common items such as nails and even sponges to

provide texture. Mold making material and a board to work on. Plaster of Paris. Shellac or polyurethane to seal the raw plaster after drying. Wood stain for the patina. A rag to wipe off stain. (more…)

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