Hello all!

Heidi and I were motivational/business coaches for many years. We are artists and writers. Many of our endeavors in life we have required commitment almost beyond our abilities and deadlines that challenged out time management skills.

As coaches our clients had the same mindset and drove themselves at times mercilessly at jobs and business, and then of course real life presented well….life stuff. As we coached them on how to have balance in their lives we realized that we weren’t taking our own advice. We did a diagnostic of what made us happy and brought mental stimulation that calmed and energized. This involved creating in several forms. Artwork involving sculpture, music particularly the ukulele, and drawing and coloring. The more mesmerizing the projects were, the more intensely they captured our focus the more we were renewed at the end of a creation session. our mind just cleansed itself of other occupations.

We have used our experiences to develop materials that we hope will capture your imagination and pull you into the “zone” and when you look up again you will be refreshed.

We are excited to share our creations and we truly hope you enjoy them.

Eddie and Heidi